Wenn das Gebäude nicht mehr trägt
When Buildings No Longer Hold
Four-channel audio piece for a performance by remote-controlled architectural models, 15 min
Language: German
A work with Adrian Schindler
Tanja Knaus, Eulàlia Rovira, Francisco Rozas and Adrian Schindler.
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CHURCH: Why are you fighting for peaks? My peak is my voice. It connects me with the city.

MINE: And my peak was my muscle, my strength. Today, it has become a logo. I do not know yet if I should be happy about this.

PALAIS VEST: Logo you said? Every brand is welcome at my place! And you are not just any brand, you are a landmark, the new image of our region! (Starts singing and moving between the others) Willkommen. Bienvenue Welcome. (Turns to the group) Speaking of welcomes, I hope you’re all coming to my inauguration. Does anyone have something else to do that day?

MINE: You only talk about yourself. Who cares about these three diligent workers who have supported us for nearly thirty years? What do the unions have to say about that? I thought this type of shift had long since been abolished.

CITY HALL: Still talking about exploitation? Old discourses! They are just volunteering. Who wouldn’t feel
good about taking responsibility for the city? They’re role models! Important citizens, naked and honest as the day they were born.

CHURCH: Their gaze... is definitely cast in my direction. I am their beacon, their lighthouse.

PALAIS VEST: (Confident) But surely they are running towards me! From across the street all the way up to my promenade and open-air areas. For you see, I offer a harmonious atmosphere: an inextricable feeling of both interior and exterior.

CHURCH: (Advising) A landscape surrounded by high walls? Dear colleague, this is but a small feat. The ultimate is to live inside people. That’s my biggest accomplishment! (Melodious) My bell, their throat, my arches, their eyelashes, my organ, their lungs.

CITY HALL: Such inspiring words! (Walks around) Are all our stones nothing but attitudes? For whom do our walls stand? Do I support or am I supported? Since when do stones have a voice?

PALAIS VEST: Too much philosophizing is not good for us. Take a step back. We need to keep our feet on the ground, but also be flexible like acrobats. Look at me. I have a clear structure, but also a tender heart. With me, one wants to get lost, to forget about time, to become a flaneur.


PALAIS VEST: Positions don’t matter anymore! My peak is your peak. We become a total architecture.

CHURCH: Exactly. And every citizen becomes a building block. A hand, a shoulder, an elbow: every part helps us to increase in size!

MINE: (Very enthusiastic) I can totally see it! A sculpture comes to life! A stone, a leg, each cell becomes indistinguishable from the next.

They start moving frenetically around each other.

CITY HALL: (Anxious) Uh... Does anyone else hear that thumping sound?

PALAIS VEST: I think it’s a heartbeat.

CHURCH: Where’s it coming from? From them? From us? I’m getting dizzy.

MINE: (Hallucinating) Do you feel it too? I think we’re growing feet.

CITY HALL: My friends, we’re leaving the ground!